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Past Meetings

Start Leader Type Description
2011/05/12 Florin Fortis T3.2 meeting T3.2 regular meeting, agenda to be added on Tuesday Event updated at Tecnalia's request (Gorka).
2011/04/28 Francesco Moscato T1.2 meeting
2011/04/19 Salvatore Venticinque WP1 meeting Task 1.4 virtual Meeting
2011/04/19 Massimo Ficco T1.5 meeting Task 1.5 virtual Meeting
2011/04/15 Tamas Mahr T2.7 meeting The followup of the first meeting.
2011/04/12 Gorka Mikel Echevarría Vélez WP1 meeting Status, Organization and Next Steps for Task 1.3
2011/04/12 Massimo Ficco WP1 meeting Tasks 2.1 virtual Meeting
2011/04/08 Tamas Mahr T2.7 meeting
2011/04/04 Francesco Moscato T1.2 meeting T1.2 virtual Meeting
2011/03/31 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting
2011/03/30 Beniamino Di Martino Review meeting
2011/03/25 Rocco Aversa WP1 meeting 7th Virtual Meeting of Mosaic WP1- Design
2011/03/25 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting
2011/03/25 Beniamino Di Martino WP6 meeting
2011/03/23 Florin Fortis T3.2 meeting Initial meeting for T3.2/D3.2 development
2011/03/22 Dana Petcu STB meeting
2011/03/18 Francesco Moscato T1.2 meeting
2011/03/17 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting Status work T2.2 coordination D3.1 Review
2011/03/17 Dana Petcu T2.2 meeting T2.2 meeting coupled with T1.3 meeting
2011/03/15 Beniamino Di Martino AB meeting
2011/03/11 Massimiliano Rak T1.5 meeting Task description and Goals Prelimianry Work Teams aproach Activity definition
2011/03/09 Dana Petcu T2.2 meeting 1st virtual meeting of T2.2
2011/03/09 Francesco Moscato T1.2 meeting
2011/03/08 Salvatore Venticinque T1.4 meeting Cloud agency requirements Italy time
2011/02/23 Francesco Moscato T1.2 meeting