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Start Leader Type Description
2011/02/09 Massimo Ficco GA meeting the second GA meeting, hosted by Fatronik, will be on 9th February 2011
2011/02/09 Dana Petcu STB meeting Face-to-face meeting in San Sebastian
2011/02/03 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting 8th T1.3 virtual meeting
2011/01/31 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T3.1 meeting
2011/01/28 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting Code snippets show
2011/01/21 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T3.1 meeting Deliverable status Dispatch for the first parts of the D3.1
2011/01/20 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting Work status update Next steps Deliverable, content & parts
2011/01/19 Massimo Ficco STB meeting 4th STB virtual meeting
2011/01/19 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting WP3 virtual meeting
2011/01/19 Rocco Aversa WP1 meeting 4th WP1 virtual meeting
2011/01/19 Massimo Ficco WP2 meeting
2011/01/12 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T3.1 meeting Task meeting Work status update
2011/01/12 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T3.1 meeting Task meeting Work status update
2011/01/11 Massimo Ficco T3.1 meeting 3rd T3.1 virtual meeting
2010/12/21 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting
2010/12/21 Rocco Aversa WP1 meeting
2010/12/21 Massimo Ficco WP3 meeting
2010/12/20 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting Ciprian's and Max's wor progress ToC Draft (final)
2010/12/13 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting 4th T1.3 virtual meeting
2010/12/13 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T3.1 meeting T3.1 Second Meeting
2010/12/02 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting FTK Use Case API Design to-do list for next activities
2010/11/30 Dana Petcu STB meeting
2010/11/30 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T3.1 meeting Cloud Usage Patterns discussion ToC Draft
2010/11/24 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting 2nd T1.3 virtual meeting
2010/11/19 Massimo Ficco WP3 meeting