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Past Meetings

Start Leader Type Description
2010/11/19 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting 2nd WP2 virtual meeting
2010/11/19 Rocco Aversa WP1 meeting 2nd WP1 virtual meeting
2010/11/19 Iñigo Lazkanotegi T1.3 meeting Share progress in architecture and API design.
2010/10/15 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting Virtual meeting of Wp2 task leaders
2010/10/15 Dana Petcu STB meeting 2nd STB virtual meeting
2010/10/14 Rocco Aversa WP1 meeting 1st WP1 virtual meeting
2010/09/08 Beniamino Di Martino GA meeting
2010/09/08 Dana Petcu General Face to face meeting in Aversa