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Start Leader Type Description
2012/06/22 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting Monthly meeting of WP2
2012/06/20 Miha Stopar T2.11 meeting T2.11 first skype telco
2012/06/18 Svatopluk Sperka T3.6 meeting At this meeting, Vlado Stankovski discussed with members of the BUT team (host was Svatopluk Šperka) the collaboration related to the Task 3.6 in which both UL and BUT partners are involved (development of applications on top of mOSAIC). Significant progr
2012/06/18 Svatopluk Sperka T3.6 meeting Assist. Prof. Vlado Stankovski visited BUT in order to discuss the design, technical details and progress of the both UL and BUT applications, as part of his responsibilities as task leader.
2012/05/22 Beniamino Di Martino Review meeting Review Meeting Month 18
2012/05/17 Dana Petcu STB meeting Monthly meeting
2012/05/11 Tamas Mahr WP3 meeting To see the status of the review demos
2012/04/19 Calin Sandru T2.5 meeting Current developments. Discussion on the deliverables and open issues.
2012/04/16 Vlado Stankovski T3.6 meeting F2F T3.6 Coding hackaton. Ask Vlado Stankovski UL for details
2012/04/16 Vlado Stankovski WP3 meeting A coding hackaton for the mOSAIC applications that was attended by the partners BUT and AITIA. Also a meeting with the local engineering community that are final users of the technology under development.
2012/04/13 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting WP2 task leader meeting
2012/04/11 Gorka Esnal WP2 meeting
2012/04/11 Tamas Mahr T2.7 meeting
2012/04/05 Tamas Mahr WP3 meeting
2012/03/28 Tamas Mahr T2.7 meeting
2012/03/14 Beniamino Di Martino GA meeting
2012/03/13 Dana Petcu STB meeting
2012/03/02 Calin Sandru T2.5 meeting Specification debates. Preliminary architecture.
2012/03/02 Calin Sandru T2.6 meeting Scope identification. Roles. Tentative schedule.
2012/02/28 Dana Petcu STB meeting
2012/02/28 Rocco Aversa WP1 meeting Wp1 virtual meeting
2012/02/13 Vlado Stankovski T2.10 meeting Review of work done so far on Task 2.10. Meeting shall be conducted over skype.
2012/02/13 Vlado Stankovski T2.10 meeting Plans for the kick-off of Task 2.10. Invited Miha Stopar, Jernej Južna, Damjan Murn, Vlado Stankovski (host).
2012/02/10 Beniamino Di Martino T2.8 meeting
2012/02/10 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting