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Past Meetings

Start Leader Type Description
2013/02/23 Miha Stopar T2.11 meeting
2013/02/17 Miha Stopar T2.11 meeting Connecting vendor modules with Cloud Agency. Discussion with Salvatore via Skype.
2013/02/16 Miha Stopar T2.11 meeting Technical details about vendor modules.
2013/01/29 Vlado Stankovski WP2 meeting Teleconference to discuss the final schemata (for the Editors within Eclipse)
2013/01/16 Dana Petcu STB meeting Technical discussions (integration, task status)
2013/01/09 Vlado Stankovski WP2 meeting Meeting related to integration of the tools within Eclipse
2012/12/17 Vlado Stankovski T3.6 meeting Discussion between UL and BUT on the status of the two applications.
2012/12/13 Dana Petcu STB meeting Regular STB meeting
2012/10/31 Beniamino Di Martino Review meeting
2012/10/26 Dana Petcu STB meeting Y2 review preparation
2012/10/23 Beniamino Di Martino GA meeting
2012/10/01 Dana Petcu WP2 meeting
2012/09/17 Beniamino Di Martino T2.8 meeting - stateoftheart report - Decision on alternative semantic descriptions to OWLs - grounding for API description
2012/09/10 Beniamino Di Martino T2.8 meeting virtual meeting of Semantic Discovery Service task
2012/07/25 Miha Stopar T2.11 meeting Joined discussion about interoperability for HDFS (2.11) connector and also Python API
2012/07/19 Dana Petcu STB meeting STB meeting to discuss the status of the M24 deliverables
2012/07/18 Gorka Esnal T2.4 meeting Meeting between Gorka Echevarria and Gorka Esnal to shape de Elcipse environment of the application tools. During the meeting Calin Sandru was contacted to share some impressions about the environment development
2012/07/12 Gorka Esnal WP2 meeting Using the feedback sent by the rest of the partners take a decision about using eclipse-plugins and webs. Review the workflow design. Review the current development status. Review the current bitbucket repositories and projects.
2012/07/04 Gorka Esnal WP2 meeting Review the detailed list of app tools where it has been described the input/output per each functionality offered by each app tool. Also, the demo prepared by Tecnalia will be shown. This demo will show how a Front-End will be developed using EclipseRCP.
2012/07/04 Miha Stopar T2.11 meeting Meeting to define next steps for the UL demo, which will use XLAB infrastructure (OpenStack cluster) and OpenStack VendorModule.
2012/07/04 Vlado Stankovski T2.10 meeting Meeting of the development teams of Xlab and UL. A number of topics discussed, including: tasks T2.10, the development of Vendor Modules, the development of the UL application and its possible running on the OpenStack based infrastructure at Xlab.
2012/06/27 Beniamino Di Martino T2.8 meeting
2012/06/27 Gorka Esnal WP2 meeting Description of all the application tools. Prepare the workflow.
2012/06/27 Vlado Stankovski T2.10 meeting Miha Stopar, Vlado Stankovski, Beniamino Di Martino and other collaborates discussed the development under task T2.10.
2012/06/25 Beniamino Di Martino General Vlado Stankovski discussed the UL involvement in a number of mOSAIC tasks, including T2.10, T2.8 and T2.11 and progress was made.