Description of work

For End Users


Usage scenario:

Imagine that you are responsible for your corporation’s data center, and you experience wild variability in the computational load in your data center. You only have jobs to run at the end of every month, in the rest of time your infrastructure is almost unused. Still, you have high maintenance costs.

You heard about Cloud computing earlier, you took a two days course, and you are made to believe that it will solve your problems.

When you introduce Cloud services to your organization, however, you realize this task is not as easy as it seemed.

  • First, you realize that you should use different Cloud providers each month, since the variable computational requirements fit different Clouds offer.

  • The second issue is that you cannot find a single Cloud provider that has all the required services.

If you think that the above description fits you, than the mOSAIC platform is for you!

Using mOSAIC solution you do not have to decide on a specific Cloud provider at design time, instead any time you use Cloud services, you will access the ones fitting best your needs.