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Rocco Aversa
Partner Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli

Wp Leader
Task Participation
T1.1 - API and platform - architectural details
T1.2-Cloud ontology and ontological resource representation
T1.3- API Design
T1.4-Cloud Agency Design
T1.5- Service level agreement and quality of service
T1.6- Tests and Benchmark Design
T2.1- Testing Platform
T2.2-API Implementation
T2.3-Semantic Engine
T2.4-Application Tools
T2.7-Integration, Testing, verification, revision, quality measurement, benchmarking, packing
T6.2-Internal and external communication
T6.3-Quality control and knowledge management
T6.4 - Joint management and pooling of resources
T5.5-Supplementary contribution to collaboration, dissemination and cooperation
T6.5-Supplementary management